Computers/Tablets & Networking Enterprise Networking, Servers Network Storage Disk Arrays NAS Disk Arrays
Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 DAS Array / 70F10000UX / 3 Year Warranty!
Dell PowerVault MD3200 12-Bay Unpopulated DASD 2x 600W PSU 2x N98MP EMM w/ Bezel
Synology Diskstation DS1512+ NAS
New Dell Password Reset/Service Cable MN657 MD1200 MD1220 MD3200 MD3200i MD3600i
HP StorageWorks D2700 M6625 | 25x SAS 2.5" SFF | 25 Trays No Drives [ AJ840A ]
U648K Dell PowerVault MD1200 Direct Attached Storage DAS 2x EMM 2x PSU 12x TRAYS
3.5" 8-Bay Data Robotics DroboPro - 13.35TB usable space
Synology DiskStation 2-Bay (Diskless) Network Attached Storage DS216J (White)
HP StorageWorks D2600 | 12x 3.5 LFF | No Trays | No Drives [ AJ840A ]
Synology DiskStation DS416J 4-Bay Desktop NAS Network Storage
Data Robotics Drobo Elite 8-Bay Array iSCSI NAS - 12TB usable space
FreeNAS Storage 15 bay Case
LACIE 301300U 4TB Ethernet Disk Gigabit Storage Server - Production Pull
Drobo B800i 8-Bay iSCSI SAN Storage Array with 8 x 2TB WD Black HD - 16TB
Synology DS413J NAS 4 bay diskless
QNAP 8 Bay NAS Server Storage w/ 8x Hitachi 2TB HDD 2Gbe Network Card TS-859U-RP
Avid VR-RTR320X 10-Bay Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive Array Enclosure Video Raid
NetGear NAS RN 42600
Data Robotics Drobo Pro DRPR1-A USB/ FireWire/iSCSI 8-bay Storage Array
Dell PowerVault MD1120 2x Controllers JT356 2x PSU F884J No HD 2.5"
Netgear ReadyNas 1100 RackMount 8TB(4x2TB) Dual Gigabit Network Attached Storage
LaCie 2Tb Ethernet Disk NAS 1U Rack Mount Storage Server 301298U 
IBM EXP2524 Storage Expansion Unit w/14Tb 2x ESM & 2x PSU - 1747-24X - EXPM2524
Synology DiskStation DS412+ 4 Bay Diskless NAS DS412+
Synology DiskStation DS412+ 4 Bay Diskless NAS DS412+
IBM EXP3000 SAN Storage Enclosure w/12x 1Tb HD, 2x ESM, 2x PSU - 1727-HC1 REFURB
LaCie 2Tb Ethernet Disk NAS 1U Rack Mount Storage Server 301298U 
Lenovo ThinkServer SA120 JBOD Single Power Supply / Single Controller (Dual Rdy)
LOT OF 14 NETAPP 10K300 17R6349 X276A-R5 300GB 10K HITACHI HUS103030FLF210 HDD
Cisco NSS3000 4 Bay Desktop Gigabit Network Storage System
G-Technology G-SPEED eS PRO SATA mini-SAS RAID 4 Bay HD Disk Array 0G01873
HP E7W01SB MSA 1040 2-port 1G iSCSI Dual Controller LFF Storage - NOB
Dell PowerVault MD3260 Dual 3660f 8Gb FC 4P Controller 12x 3TB SAS Fiber Channel
NetApp Dual Enclosures V3270 HA Filer System, w/ 2x Controllers + 2x IOXM
Synology Diskstation DS1512+ NAS and 3GB RAM Upgrade slightly used low hours!!!!
LENOVO DCG 4588A21 DS Series SFF Exp Unit
Supermicro Super Server 72TB 36x 2TB 7.2K SATA X8DT6-A 24GB RAM 10Gb Ethernet!
Supermicro Super Server 144TB 36x 4TB 7.2K SAS X8DT6-A 24GB RAM 10Gb Ethernet!
Western Digital Sentinel 16TB (4x4TB) RX4100 Rackmount Small Business Storage
Western Digital Sentinel 12TB (4x3TB) RX4100 Rackmount Small Business Storage
Dell Warranty Through 5-14-2018 PowerVault MD3260 Dense Array Chassis
Dell Compellent SC220 Storage Array w/ 24x 1TB 7.2K HDDs & 2x SC2 Mgmt Modules
Rackmountable 3U Server 16 SATA Drives with 2TB of disks
WD Sentinel DS5100 S-Series 8TB Network Attached Storage Server WDBYVE0080KBK
IBM 2076-324 IBM Storwize V7000 10 GbE Storage Controller Unit zq
K2R16A HPE StoreEasy 1650 16TB SAS Storage
Supermicro Super Server 144TB 36x 4TB 7.2K SAS X8DT6-A 12GB RAM 10Gb Infiniband
K2R17A HPE StoreEasy 1650 32TB SAS Storage
Synology DiskStation DS1517 5-Bay 2.5" NAS/ 2GB SDRAM/ 5 x 500GB/ 3 Yr Wty
Synology DiskStation DS1817 8-Bay 3.5" NAS/ 4GB SDRAM/ 8 x 500GB/ 3 Yr Wty
Synology DiskStation DS1817 8-Bay 2.5" NAS/ 4GB SDRAM/ 8 x 500GB/ 3 Yr Wty
NetApp FAS8020-R6 Filer System 111-01105 w/ Dual Controllers 111-01099
internet cafe server/W operation system&game
EMC Data Domain DD890 Intel Xeon X5660 2.80GHz 12 Core 96GB RAM Storage Server
Sun StorEdge T3 9-Bay Shelf w/ 9 x 9GB 10K FC HDs
Dell EMC Data Domain DD670 Backup and Deduplication Appliance
Hitachi HDS DF-F850-DBS HUS SFF EXP FRAME: (2) 3285196-A I/O Card (2) P/S, Rails
Dell PowerVault MD1280 ProSupport Plus Warranty Through 12-1-2020. 84 x 8TB
Dell PowerVault MD1400 Warranty Through 10-9-2019. 6 x 1TB SAS
Dell PowerVault MD3200 6 x 2TB SAS, Dual Controller
Dell PowerVault MD1200 Warranty Through 9-3-2018. 12 x 1TB SAS
NetApp FAS3270-R6 Filer System with Controller + IO Expander IOXM
NetApp V3240-R6 Filer System with Controller + IO Expander IOXM; 2x Available
NetApp FAS3220-R6 Filer System with Controller 111-01061 + IO Expander IOXM
NetApp FAS3160 Filer w/ Dual Controllers FAS3160HA, Licenses, +DS2246 24x 600GB
NetApp FAS3210 Filer System Single Controller +IOXM
NetApp FAS3210A FAS3210 HA Filer System w/ Dual Controllers and Licenses
Dell MD3400 Warranty through 10-9-2019. 6*4TB SAS, 2*12GB/s SAS Ctrl 4GB Cache
K2R15A HPE StoreEasy 1650 SAS Storage
NetApp FAS3250-R6 Filer System with Controller + IO Expander IOXM
NEW NetApp X1160A-R6 111-00810 Mezzanine Card 2-port 10Gbps FC for FAS2240
NetApp DS14 Mk2, 14TB, 2x AT-FCX 2, 2x PSU SAN Disk Shelf, ONTAP 7 w/ Licence
NETAPP X3544-R6 FAS3240 Motherboard w/ CPU, Memory, Heatsink, Battery, eUSB key
NetApp FAS6070 Filer w/ 1x DS14MK4 shelf, 14x 300GB 15K X279A HD
NetApp FAS6080 Filer - Fast Shipping - Custom Config Available
NetApp FAS3140 Filer with 2x Controllers + DS14MK4 w/ 14x 300GB 15K FAS3140A
NetApp FAS3160 Controller Complete with Motherboard, Memory, Processors, Battery
NetApp FAS6070 Filer Head Unit with Rails - In Stock
NetApp X3650-R6 FAS3270 Motherboard w/ CPU - System Board SP-3650-R6 111-00584
NetApp X1150A-R6 111-00811 Mezzanine Card 2-port 8Gbps FC for FAS2240 Controller
NETAPP X3245A-R6 111-00846 Controller Module FAS2240-2 FAS2240-4
NetApp FAS3070 Filer NAS System with 2x Power Supplies
Dell MD1200 PowerVault LFF Storage Array CTO Redundant EMMs
NetApp X3651-R6 V3270 Motherboard w/ CPU System Board SP-3651-R6 NEW
NetApp X3650-R6 FAS3270 Motherboard w/ CPU System Board SP-3650-R6 111-00584 NEW
Netgear ReadyDATA RD5200 and 2 x EDA4000 NAS appliance, 144TB
EMC ISILON SYSTEMS IQ6000X 851-0050-83 NAS Array 4GB Ram 6TB HDD 1 Processor NEW
IBM 610024X IBM EXP2524 2U Storage Enclosure - 24 BAYS - DMG
NetApp FAS3250 Filer System w/ IO Expander, PM8003, 111-01062, 111-00647, QSFP
Dell MD1420 Wrty thru 6-14-2019. 6*600GB 15k 6Gb SAS, Dual 12Gb EMMs, PowerVault
Dell PowerVault MD1420 Warranty Through 6-14-2019. 12 x 1.2TB 10k
NetApp FAS6280-BASE-R6 Filer System w/ Controller + IO Expander
NetApp FAS6240-BASE-R6 Filer System w/ Controller + IO Expander
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Avoiding “Whack-A-Mole” in the Data Center
And even more resource conflicts are bound to emerge as big-data applications evolve to run over ever-growing clusters of tens of thousands of computers ... all segments of data networking/communications, server, hard disk drive, enterprise tape and ...
Make your own Windows home server OS
Basically, Microsoft reckons WHS saw best use among the SOHO environment ... more difficult given the typical screen size, but grab android-vnc-viewer from Google Play and it’ll talk to your server’s TightVNC setup. It’s one of the more common ...
Breaking Analysis: IBM Announces Billion Dollar Investment in Flash Storage #flashahead
Flash is a big piece to the future of storage puzzle. Flash is the lynchpin because as analysts noted it changes application design. Bottom line: Just look at what companies like Facebook is doing with flash. IBM is making a big push and we expect that ...
Network with cat7 cable
Switch. TrendNet TEG-S16DG 16 port unmanaged gigabit ethernet switch ... The transferred music files can be voluminous - music devided in at least 8 or 16 tracks. I know this is taking me far from my original question, but at least on this forum I get ...
The demand for storage devices in a connected world of data
Using NAS, smaller businesses have access to more capacity and more flexible features than they would have otherwise. Even an entry-level NAS solution like the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 server provides support for as many as 20 PC and Mac workstations.
The 21st Century Data Center: An overview
The first Moonshot server, announced in November 2011, was an ARM-based SoC platform called Redstone, which HP installed as a demonstration system in its Discovery ... containers containing servers, storage, networking and cooling equipment — allow ...