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NEW HP Thin Client T5740 WES09- Factory Sealed - Intel Atom
RHTPC ELL WYSE 5040 AIO 1.4GHz 8G Flash/2G Ram Adj Stand RJ45 W11B Thin OS 8.1
Lot of 3 Ncomputing L300 Network Virtual Desktop Thin Clients
Dell Wyse T10 T50 T00X 3010 Thin Cloud Client 909567-01L 756XT
LG CBV42-B Zero Client TERA2321 512 MB RAM (New) (c)
HP A4340A 715/100XC Workstation 128mb mem, 2gb disk
Metrodata to delve into smartphone, tablet sales
“The remaining Rp 7 billion would cover the increase of computers and servers for internal business purposes ... Four other subsidiaries specialize in ICT solutions, consulting and networking business solutions while the remaining two ...
Dell's server, net bizzes do well, but PCs slammed as expected
The PC business continues to be a drain on Dell, but one it is trying to address by cutting prices on notebooks while at the same time cutting its production costs and ramping up tablets ... servers, networking, and peripherals within the Enterprise ...
Dell's PC Growth Strategy -- In It To Win It
Last month, I attended Dell Dell’s annual industry analyst conference in Austin, Texas. At the event, Dell outlined its plans for growth in end-to-end solutions incorporating hardware, software and services. Of intense interest was the plan ...
Five Ways to Improve Your Enterprise Social Networking Strategy
SharePoint, first launched about a dozen years ago, has been the 800 pound gorilla of collaboration servers for a long time, but it has struggled to keep up on the enterprise social networking ... whether it’s email clients, CRM software ...
Propalms TSE Eases Microsoft Dynamics Products Deployment
Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote ... it is deployed as a virtualized client application over terminal services. Though many companies ...
Lot of 10 HP t620 AMD GX-415GA Thin Client / 8GB RAM / 64GB SSD HDD / WIN 7Pro
Wyse Z90D7 Thin Client 1.65GHz AMD T56N dual core, 8GB Flash, 4GB Ram WIFI
ionics Stratus B02.X. Plug Computer
Wyse 55 Terminal Fully Refurbished! WY-55, Wyse 901237-04, Wyse 901237-07
Wyse 3040 Thin Client - Intel Quad-core (4 Core) 1.44 GHz
☆✅ Dell Wyse 5040 21.5" AiO Thin Client Display 2GB/8GB RHTPC ☆✅NEW ☆✅WTY
New Wyse 1RFKG Thin Client 5020 3412492
Sun Ultra 25 / 1x1.34Ghz/ 1Gb / 250GbHd/ XVR-100
HP T630 Thin Client 4GB 16GB Flash Memory WES7E Wireless VGA NOB
Wyse Z50Q 7020 SUSE Linux quad core mini-PC 2.0GHz GX-420CA 64GB SSD/4GB RAM
Dell Wyse 5010 Thin Client w/ AMD T48E, 4GB RAM & 16GB Flash WiFi Desktop 6KGVJ
New in Box Wyse 150+ Plus Dumb Terminal 900983-07 RS232 Amber CRT Monitor 2 year
Wyse 5030 Zero Client - Teradici Tera2321 - 512 Mb Ram Ddr3 Sdram - 32 (4nh9x)
* Lot of 5* HP t620 Thin Client SFF | 16GB SSD | 4GB RAM | AMD GX-217GA W/Radeon
HP Flexible Thin Client t610 PLUS G‑T56N 1.65 GHz 16GB FLASH 4GB RAM B8D08AA#ABA
Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client Quad Core Atom x5 Z8350 1.44 GHz 2GB 16GB Thin OS
Chip PC Thin Client W7DA8E6 NEW - FANLESS - Can be "car PC"
HP T410 Smart Zero Thin Client All in one
Lot of 4 HP T610 Thin Client Flexible 4GB, 16GB HD SSD Windows 10 Pro
Dell Wyse 5030 Zero Thin Client PCOIP 2.0 512MR 32MF 4NH9X - *2.5-Year Wty*
6HW54 DELLWyse G-T48E 1.4 GHz 2GF/2GR WIFI UNIT ONLY w/Ant Zero Client (Citrix)
HP A4200D C110 Workstation with 4gb disk, 256mb mem, cd-rom
LOT 14 Dell OptiPlex FX170 Intel Atom 1.6GHz 1GB 2GB D05U Thin Client
Wyse 370 Terminal Wyse 900251-01 Wyse WY-370 Wyse WY370 Wyse WY 370
HP Thin Client T420 M5R73AT#ABA
DELL Wyse G7YVW 5010 D00DX G-T48E 1.4 GHz 8GF/2GR WIFI (Citrix) ThinOS Lite 2.1
Dell Wyse 5060 Thin Client GX-424CC 2.40GHz 4GB RAM 8GB Wyse Thin OS MD5DT NSI
HP t430 Thin Client - Intel Celeron N4000 Dual-core (2 Core) 1.10 GHz
HP t730 Thin Client AMD RX-427BB 2.70GHz 4GB 16GB Flash FirePro W2100 ThinPro32
Lot of 5 HP T5740e Thin Client 1.66GHz, 2GB, 16GB, Wifi, Windows 7E and Office
HP Thin Client w/ AMD G-Series w/ 2GB RAM, 8GB Flash & HP ThinPro
HP t530 Thin Client AMD GX-215JC 1.50GHz 4GB Ram 8GB Flash wifi HP Smart Zero OS
HP t530 Thin Client AMD GX-215JJ 1.50GHz 4GB Ram 8GB Flash Wifi/BT ThinPro OS
HP t530 Thin Client AMD GX-215JJ 1.50GHz 4GB Ram 8GB Flash HP ThinPro OS
HP t730 Thin Pro (RX427BB 2.7 GHz - 8 GB RAM - 32 GB Flash Storage)
Sun Ultra 5 Workstation 400Mhz 256MB no Disk Raptor 2000 Graphics
Wyse 909576-01L 2 Zero Client Marvell ARMADA PXA510 1GHz - 800141480 AC Adapter
EVGA PDo3 PCoIP Zero Client Device Servers, Black (124-IP-PD03-KR)
HP M5R72AT#ABA t420 Thin Client - AMD G-Series Dual-core (2 Core) 1 GHz
HP t630 Thin Client AMD GX-420GI 2.00GHz 4GB 8GB Flash HP ThinPro
CA04315B002 Fujitsu M4099D High Speed Scanner M4099D
MZ-PLL3T20 Samsung PM1725a 3.2TB TLC PCI E 3.0 x8 NVMe HH-HL SSD Card
HP B8D11AT#ABA Thin Client T610/16GBF/4GBR/WE7 NOB
New HP 2ZV01AT#ABA Thin Client t630 3412492 GX-420GI
D9Y21AT HP t610 Thin Client - AMD G-Series T56N Dual-core (2 Core) 1.65 GHz -
Sun Ultra 45 / 1x1.6Ghz/ 2Gb / XVR-100 Clean Repainted
LOT 10 Dell OptiPlex FX170 Intel Atom 1.6GHz 1GB 2GB D05U002 WES OS Thin Client
HP t530 Thin Client AMD GX-215JJ 1.50GHz 4GB Ram 16GB Flash HP Smart Zero OS
HP t310 G2 Desktop Slimline Zero Client - Teradici Tera2321
HP t620 PLUS Flexible Thin Client AMD GX-420CA SOC 64GB M.2 SSD 8GB ddr3 Memory
Dell Wyse 5040 AIO All-In-One Thin Client 8GB Flash 2GB Ram Thin OS 8.1 RHTPC #2
HP T630 Thin Client 4GB 16GB Flash Memory WES7E Wireless VGA
HP t630 Smart Zero AMD GX-420GI 2.0GHz 16GB 4GB DDR4 WLAN BT TC W5Y98UA#ABA
Asus CP220 TERA2321 90LS00D0-B00590 21.5-inch Zero Client Monitor - 512 MB RAM
New Wyse THG0W Thin Client 7020 3412492
HP t530 Thin Client - AMD GX-215JJ 1.50GHz 4GB 64GB Win 10 IOT
HP t730 ThinClient AMD RX-427BB 2.70GHz 16GB Flash 4GB Radeon R7 No OS Installed
Lot of 10 HP t620 Thin Client AMD GX-420CA Quad Core 2.0Ghz 16GB Flash 4GB W/AC
+ Computing Xtenda X300 Multi Box Access Device 300
Dell Wyse 5060 Thin Client AMD G series 2.4 GHz 8GB SSD 4GB DDR3L ThinOS
HP t730 Thin Client AMD RX-427BB 2.70GHz 8GB Ram 32GB Flash R7 Graphic W7P
Dell Wyse 292E 7030 Teradici TERA2140 PCoIP VMware Horizon Zero Client FT1VW
HP T610 Thin Client DC 1.65GHz 1G/2G F/R ThinPro OS RDP Citrix VMWare 684480-001
Lot of 25 Dell Zx0Q-7020 AMD GX-415GA 1.50GHz 4GB RAM 8GB SSD Thin Clients 8WF82
Hewlett Packard HP Instrument Controller 382 Model A2250B
Dell Wyse 5030 Zero Client 512MB DDR2 32GB Flash 4NH9X *NEW*
HP 9000 B132L Workstation HP-UX A4190A - 10.20 11.00 11.11 v1
D57GX Wyse 3000 3030 Thin Client - Intel Celeron N2807 Dual-core (2 Core) 1.58
Dell Wyse 5040 21" AIO Thin Client AMD T48E 1.4GHz 2GB 8GB Radeon HD 6250 RHTPC
HP T620 AMD GX-217GA 1.65GHz 4GB Ram 8GB Flash Wifi/BT HP Smart Zero*
HP t420 Thin Client AMD GX-209JA 1.00GHz 2GB Ram 8GB Flash HP ThinPro M5R73AT
Lot of 9 Dell Wyse T10 1GB Thin Client 909566-01L DVI Wireless w/ A/C Adapter
New HP P3S26AT#ABA Thin Client t730 (ENERGY STAR) 3412492 RX-427BB
Wyse 7000 7020 Thin Client - AMD G-Series Quad-core [4 Core] 2 GHz (thg0w)
HP Visualize C240 Workstation 512MB Ram 4GB Disk
A4964A HP 745/132L Embedded Controller VME HP-UX A4500A E3171A A4964-87950 4062U
ORACLE SunRAY 3+ 31739781+2+2 TC3-P0Z-00 ,WithBOX, Warranty:90 days
LOT 5 Ceptor TC3A HDMI Thin Client Brand NEW
viewsonic sc-t45 thin client open box
WDKD5 Wyse 5000 5010 Zero Client - AMD G-Series T48E Dual-core (2 Core) 1.40
HP T310 AiO 24" Teradici Tera2321 All-in-One Zero Client w/ Stand FREE SHIPPING
HP t610 Thin Client WIFI 16GB-F 4GB-R WES7p (Win7 64bit) B8D13AT#ABA 696456-001
IGEL 62UD9-731W7-34BL UD9-731 Thin Client - Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Single-Core
DELL KTHYJ Wyse 5020 TC 1.5GHz Quad-Core 16GF 4GR DVI DP 4xUSB+2xUSB3 RJ45 WES7
Wyse VXO V10LE WTOS 1.2G 128/512 902178-01L THIN CLIENT 849216-01L w/ Adapter
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Remote access, any time, any place
Modern SCADA systems generally provide server thin-client ... with these PC-based Windows SCADA systems, particularly as compared to older SCADA systems based on proprietary hardware and software operating systems. The introduction of networking standards ...
Earnings Preview: Intel Corp.
They expect most of the weakness in the PC Client segment to be offset by continued growth in Data Center as the company continues to gain share across Server, Storage and Networking ... and strong competition from tablets and smartphones will likely ...
U.S. Air Force selects Samsung Series 7 Slate network tablet for BPA
U.S. Air Force officials selected the Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet computer as the first device under the new network slate tablet category under the Client Computing and Servers blanket ... of marketing at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division.
Enterprise IT Sees Competition in App Stores, Mobile Devices
If IT pros won't deploy apps, users will find a work-around Tablet computing has become a top priority of Fortune 500 CIOs and will eclipse PC use by 2015 ... And if companies don't deploy internal social networking sites like those offered by Yammer ...
HP unveils ElitePad 900 Windows 8 tablet with unique and versatile ‘Smart Jacket’ system
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) has announced a steady stream of Windows 8 computers that will launch ahead of the holidays this year, and now the company has added to its next-generation lineup by unveiling a business-class Windows 8 tablet that will ...
Cloud-Bearing IBM Teams with AT&T to Woo Fortune 1000
In other words the security and speed of AT&T's global network marries the control and management capabilities of IBM's enterprise cloud ... or wireless computing devices such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers, retail kiosks or other machine ...