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Wyse Z90D7 Win7 dual core mini-PC 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N 4GB flash/2GB RAM; wifi, AC
Lot of 5 HP t620 AMD GX-415GA Thin Client / 4GB RAM / 64GB SSD HDD / WIN 7Pro
NEW Dell Wyse WES7 3290 3030 909802-01L Thin Client N03D Intel Dual-core Windows
Windows Client Pro 70-680 & 70-687 Testout InverHills
HP T5740e Thin Client N280 4GB RAM 8GB FLASH WES 7 Wifi Wireless (Unit only)
VXL Instruments Limited ITONA TC7200 Thin Client - USED Tested and Working
Dell's PC Growth Strategy -- In It To Win It
Last month, I attended Dell Dell’s annual industry analyst conference in Austin, Texas. At the event, Dell outlined its plans for growth in end-to-end solutions incorporating hardware, software and services. Of intense interest was the plan ...
Five Ways to Improve Your Enterprise Social Networking Strategy
SharePoint, first launched about a dozen years ago, has been the 800 pound gorilla of collaboration servers for a long time, but it has struggled to keep up on the enterprise social networking ... whether it’s email clients, CRM software ...
Propalms TSE Eases Microsoft Dynamics Products Deployment
Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote ... it is deployed as a virtualized client application over terminal services. Though many companies ...
Powerful thin clients may be alternative to PCs
Thin clients introduced this week by Dell and Hewlett-Packard have faster processor than existing thin clients as well as high-definition graphics capabilities, so they could be alternatives to traditional PCs as computing continues moving to ...
Dell's PC biz craters as servers and networking chug along
Wall Street is worried about what Dell is going to do with the PC business and do about smartphones and tablets. And guess what? Customers are spending lots of dough on Dell servers and networking ... with Dell's desktop PC revenues off 14 per cent ...
Dell Z90DW 909585-21L AMD G-T56N 1.65 GHz Thin Client-NO RAM/HDD/ATN/
*LOT OF 10* NComputing L300 Network Virtual Desktop Thin Client *Tested*
Lot of 5 Wyse Dell VX0 V10LE WTOS 1.2GHz 128Mb F 512Mb R Thin Client 902178-01L
HP t630 Thin Client Desktop Computer AMD GX-420GI 2.0GHz 8GB RAM 32GB SSD Wi-Fi
HP A4318A C200 HPUX Workstation 512mb mem 4gb disk cd-rom FX2 graphics
HP t620 Flexible Thin Client 4GB 16GB Flash WES7e WIFI AC Bluetooth W5Z10UA#ABA
5X HP T610 WES7 Thin Client 4GB RAM 16GB Flash w/ AC Adapter - B8C95AT USB 3.0
NEW NIB Dell WYSE 5030 / P25 Zero Client TERA2
LOT OF 6 HP t5740e ThinClient, Atom N280@1.66GHz/2GB/4GB FLASH DRIVE/WES7/WIFI
New IGEL Universal Desktop UD6-W10 Giftbox Version Memory 4GB Flash 32GB
Lot of 10 Dell Optiplex FX160 thin client Atom 230 1.60GHz 2GB RAM 2GB SSD
HP T620 Plus WES7e Thin Client Quad Core GX-420CA 2GHz 16GB-F 4GB-R F5A61AA#ABA
Samsung Cloud Display Computer AMD G Series 1.2 Ghz 2 GB Ram 4 GB HDD Linux
Samsung Cloud Display TC242L All-in-One Thin Client - AMD G-Series Dual-core (2
HP T620 Quad-Core TC AMD G-Series GX-415GA 1.5GHz 4GB 16GB SSD F8A15UC # ABA
Dell Wyse 3020 Armada PXA2128 1.2GHz 2GB 4GB Flash ThinOS Zero CLient 8JD4W
875061-001 HPE x16 PCIe tertiary riser 809467-001
Dell Wyse X90m7 Thin Client G-T56N 14" 1.65GHz 2GB RAM 16GB SSD 909797-37L
Wyse Z50Q 7020 SUSE Linux quad core mini-PC 2.0GHz GX-420CA 64GB SSD/4GB RAM
Lot of 5 WYSE Dual DVI Thin Client
HP T820 Thin Client PC w/ Win 7, Intel Core i5-4570S 2.90GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD
ZTE ZXCLOUD CT320 Thin Client Atom D2550 1.86GHz 2GB 8GB WiFi CT320-W-28-W
HP 9000 J7000 workstation server A4981A HP-UX 10.20 OS
HP T620 Flexible Thin Client AMD GX-217GA 1.65GHz 4GB 8GB SSD HP Smart Zero
HP T5740e Thin Client N280 4GB RAM 8GB FLASH WES 7 with power adapter and stand
Dell Wyse 5050 All In One 23.6" PCoIP Teradici VMware Horizon Zero Client FD3JX
NEW Dell OptiPlex 3020 Micro PC Desktop D08U001, i5,500GB,8GB,Built-in WiFi
HP T5565Z Thin Client / 1GHz-1M CPU / 2GB RAM / 1GB / Smart Zero / H1S92UC#ABA
NEW HP t310 Zero Client Tera2321 256 MB Flash 512 MB RAM C3G79AT#ABA
Dell Wyse AIO 5050 23.6" Zero Client for Vmware V2 P/N 8V92W
Dell Wyse C50LE Thin Client 902171-01L Cx0 1GF/1GR DVI ES US LINUX New
NEW 920322-51L Dell Wyse E01 Zero Client MultiPoint Workstation-VGA Connection
*NEW IN BOX* HP t610 WW Thin Client AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz 4GB RAM 16GB SSD
HP t520 Thin Client G9F08AT#ABA AMD GX-212JC 1.20GHz 16GB Flash 4GB No O/S
NEW Dell Wyse 5010 Thin Client DJPR5 8GB Flash/2G Ram WIFI
HP t620 Flexible Thin Client 4 GB Ram Wireless
Lot of 10 Dell Wyse Z90DW Zx0 AMD G-T56N 1.65 GHz Thin Client w/Mount-NO RAM/HDD
Wyse Z50S Thin Client Zx0 AMD G-T52R 1.5GHz 2GB RAM 2GB Flash (Lot of 7)
HP Computer A2630A 715/50 apollo system
Lot-10 HP t5710 PC540A Network PC Thin Client 256/256 Ram/Flash 800MHz Stand PS
Dell Wyse 5050 AIO 23.6" Teradici TERA2321 0MB RAM SSD RJ-45 Zero Client FD3JX
Dell Wyse 5060 Thin Client (4GB/8GB) MD5DT ➔➨☆➨✔➨☆➔➨➨☆ ✔➔➨
Casetronic C134 Mini-ITX case enclosure DC power supply VIA motherboard
HP 9000 C3600 Workstation HP-UX A5992A 10.20 11.00 11.11 11i 5895-01-544-1849
HP 9000 J7000 workstation server A4981A HP-UX 10.20 OS
10 HP t610 PLUS B8D09AA#ABA, 696453-001
Wyse 902195 01L CX0 C00X 128F 512R Xenith IW US NEW
New Genuine Dell Wyse WES7 909802-01L Thin Client N03D Intel Dual-core D57GX+KIT
Wyse 909102-21L 292D-P45 Zero Client - Teradici Tera2140 - 512 MB RAM DDR3
HP T610 Thin Client 4GB /16GB WES 7 with power adapter
Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client Intel 1.44GHz Quad-Core 8GB SSD 2GB RAM THINOS 9D3FH
10ZiG Technology Inc Thin Client for VDI 4400 Series- Model 44xx
NEW Computer Lab International Thin Client MT1500 MT1500X87K Windows XP Embedded
Zte Zx Cloud Terminal CT220 PoE Wifi Arm/1GHZ Ram/1GB Flash/1GB LOT OF 29
HP 12040D Asynchronous Multiplexer 12040-60003 12040-60004 12040-60014
Dell Wyse N03D 3030 Celeron N2807 1.58GHz 4GB 16GB WES7 R1KJY 909802-01L
0061H Wyse 3030 LT 4GFl/ 2G 2xDP RJ45 3xUSB 1xUSB3 Thin OS 8.3_011 PCoIP new!
LOT OF 10 - Dell Wyse D200 P20 CoIP Dual ZERO Clients wA/C adapters - 909101-01L
Wyse 292E Zero Client P45, PCOIP 512R 4XDP US PN:909102-01L New Open Box***
Hewlett Packard G4U39UA#ABA T620 Thinpro AMD GX-415GA Thin Client *New*
HP THIN CLIENT T5550 HSTNC-012-TC (Lot of 6)
CX345A Mellanox Connectx-3 Pro En Network Interface Card MCX345A-BCPN
LOT OF 5 - Dell Wyse D200 P20 CoIP Dual ZERO Clients wA/C adapters - 909101-01l
HP MT20 Thin Client Notebook w/ Win 10, Intel Celeron 3865U Dual Core, Adapter
BeagleBoard Xm Server System with Example HiTek Start-up Web Page
Dell Wyse 7030 Teradici TERA2140 PCoIP VMware Horizon RJ-45 Zero Client FT1VW
New Dell Wyse AIO 5050 23.6" Zero Client for Vmware V2 P/N 8V92W
Dell Computer WYS202249SA Dell Factory Recertified Wyse 5010 Thin Client
LOT OF 10 Ncomputing L300 Virtual Desktop Thin Clients UNITS ONLY
HP Thin Client GT7720 modified Dual Core 2.3 GHZ, 3 GB RAM, 32GB HD,Win 10 pro
774741-B21 HP DL380 Gen9 NVMe 6 SSD Express Bay Enablement Kit
Lenovo IdeaCentre 4ZR0K38351 THINCLIENT VXL Iq-b47-f10r8-ph1
HP 9000 B1000 Workstation HP-UX A4985A - 10.20 B2000 B2600
ABB Advant Station 530 OCS Station 3BSC620044R1 3BSC620038R1 PCX524 PCX518
New Dell Wyse 5060 AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz 8GB Ram 64GB SATA Flash Thin Client H0C1T
NEW HP Thin Client T5740 WES09- Factory Sealed - Intel Atom
HP t310 Zero Client (C3G78AT) 512 MB/Keyboard/Mouse
HP t530 Thin Client Desktop Computer
HP 9000 J5600 workstation server A5991A HP-UX 10.20 OS
Refurbished Amber Screen Wyse 55 Terminal 901237-07 WY-55 with PCE Keyboard
Dell Wyse 5030 Zero Client VMWare Horizon (Tera2321, 512MB, 32MB) 4NH9X
WYSE Z50D Thin Client 2GB Flash 2GB RAM LINUX 11.3.106 DVI DisplayPort USB 3.0
9RN8N Wyse 5000 5020 Thin Client - AMD G-Series Quad-core (4 Core) 1.50 GHz - 4
Dell Wyse 5050 All In One Teradici VMware Horizon 512MB RAM Zero Client FD3JX
HP T610 Thin Client Bundle w/ Monitor Keyboard Mouse Power Adptr Qty Available
Chip PC CPN06208 W7DA8E6 Thin Client - AMD E-350D 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor -
New Dell Wyse 5060 AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz 4GB Ram 64GB SATA Flash Thin Client H0C1T
5 X Computer Lab International CLI ST5500X99K Thin Client Windows Embedded
10zig Zero Client (V1206-P)
HP T520 Flexible Thin Client AMD GX212JC SOC 64GB Flash 8GB Memory
Lot of 18 (working) WYSE Dell Thin Client PxN Lot of 15 Chargers with power cord
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